My Shame

My Shame is the first single released from A Street Rod Named Desire.

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My Shame debuted at #4 on Spins Tracking System’s “Country Most Added” Chart and has been a multi-format success, currently getting spins in Ireland, Japan, Austrailia, New Zealand and all across North America on Pandora Radio.

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Country Most Added Chart 10/24

5 thoughts on “My Shame

  1. this is Naomi you don’t know me but maybe u remember me from the crowd at Summerland? I had the short black dress and short black hair. We talked for jsut a second and I want to know how to get in touch!! It’s the cd!!

  2. Ok just saying, I like your web site, but you could probably do better. I will admit, it is funny tho and you seem like a crazy guy. Anyway, the music is awesome so that’s what matters anyway.

  3. You might have made the albbum of the year., everyone wants to hear more when i play this. Good grief man..why arent you everywhere yet

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