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Travis Herlocker wins 2012 IMN Discovery Mainstream Artist of the Year !!!

Los Angeles – In stunning fashion, Travis Herlocker claimed the 2012 Independent Music Network’s Mainstream Discovery Artist of the Year Award. Having only one official release under his belt (and a late-year release at that!) Travis surprised the music world by delivering the most shocking result of the evening. Spurred by fan voting and a Hot 100 single, Travis stole the honors, but took it all in stride. While his first single, My Shame, continues to rise up the charts, Travis seems poised for bigger and better things in the year ahead and beyond with his impending album drop and a bevy of radio singles lined up for spring and summer release. This could be first of many awards for this hot new Mainstream star.

Independent Music Network Awards


Travis Herlocker received nominations in 3 categories in the
2012 Independent Music Network Awards!!

Check it out and Vote for Travis!!:
2012 Mainstream Award Nominations
New Mainstream Discovery Artist
2012 Country Award Nominations
New Country Discovery Artist
Favorite Cross-over Artist


Michael Damian To Announce IMN Award Nominations Nov. 29

Los Angeles, CA — The Independent Music Network will announce the nominees for
their annual artists and bands awards this coming Thursday evening, November 29
at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time in a telecast via U-Stream. The networks radio
hosts, Michael Damian, Buck McCoy, Carter Bechtol and Jason Rennebu will all
join in the event where the nominations for this year’s Independent Music
Network Awards will be revealed, honoring some of the best independent music
artists that have graced their charts in 2012. You may view the IMN Nominations
via the Internet by going to:

Current Independent Music Network charts and shows are up now by going to:

5 thoughts on “IMN Awards

  1. Thanks for the song, Travis. My daughter will not stop playin it! I voted for you also!! Your well-deserved win on the IMN’s is not accomplished easily.
    We got to see you in Kentucky at Keenland and wondering if you were coming back, as I have seen on other places? Just curious…~Carol M.

  2. These people around here will not stop talking about you so I found your website for them today and now they will definitely never shut up!! Vickie and Debbie said Hey Travis!!!! We love My Shame!!

  3. Congratulazions! IMN Artist of the year? I just heard about you but digging it! I am just getting into country music but this is more my style that the pop sounding country. this Sounds more like old school country with some soul. The Fuzz

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