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Travis Herlocker’s first single, ‘My Shame’ has been a radio staple since the early October release:

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My Shame

A Street Rod Named Desire , Travis Herlocker’s Debut Album, is Alive n’ Kickin’!!!

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The debut album from Travis Herlocker™, A Street Rod Named Desire, showcases raw emotion, homegrown lyrical essence and a solid rock & soul backbone.

Recorded in Nashville early last summer, this unique ‘Radio Hit’s’ album is getting more airplay and critical acclaim with each passing week. Check out some songs and buy the album!

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A Street Rod Named Desire

My Shame, the first single released, has been on making a steady climb up the charts.

#22 on the Adult Contemporary Chart for 2/22

#58 on the Hot100 Chart for 11/21

Travis is also making waves on the Top 40 Chart. Check it out below:

Top40 Main Chart 12/5

Top40 Main Chart for 11/21

7/25/14 – Travis Visits the Wild Turkey Distillery – Click Here