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Preview Audio for All Tracks on ‘A Street Rod Named Desire’:

Travis Herlocker’s first single, ‘My Shame’ has been a radio staple since the early October release:

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My Shame

A Street Rod Named Desire , Travis Herlocker’s Debut Album, is Alive n’ Kickin’!!!

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Travis 283


The debut album from Travis Herlocker™, A Street Rod Named Desire, showcases raw emotion, homegrown lyrical essence and a solid rock & soul backbone.

Recorded in Nashville early last summer, this unique ‘Radio Hit’s’ album is getting more airplay and critical acclaim with each passing week. Check out some songs and buy the album!

Click Below to Buy and Listen to more tracks:

A Street Rod Named Desire

My Shame, the first single released, has been on making a steady climb up the charts.

#22 on the Adult Contemporary Chart for 2/22

#58 on the Hot100 Chart for 11/21

Travis is also making waves on the Top 40 Chart. Check it out below:

Top40 Main Chart 12/5

Top40 Main Chart for 11/21

7/25/14 – Travis Visits the Wild Turkey Distillery – Click Here

27 thoughts on “A Street Rod Named Desire

  1. Hello I noticed that your one using a different Les paul in your album picture than I have ever seen. I have never seen one with 3 pickups like that. Realy nice and sounds good 2! Liked every song! Salvatore

  2. Pingback: Laura Lei

  3. I just want to say that nobody ever made a song like My Shame. It is my all time favorite and I just wanted to let you know. You have such a unique sound Travis and i know you are on the way to something big. We told all the kids to check out the free mp3’s you have here on the site. GL! Sari from Ridgewood IL

  4. We paly your cd every single day!! Beula Jean was a prom queen from my home town…..OMG you are too much. Y0u are so cute in that interview. beybey lol

  5. I heard your my shame tune on the net and then found the site… not even sure where you came from but i like what you are going cat.. nice grooves and this really sounds damn good in my car.. you know how i like it.

  6. this is legit. Where does it stop? I dunno but You gotta release another album before i play this one to death bro

  7. hi there! Your album is really cool. Could not sound any better!

    Going through this album reminds me of the way albums used to be! I will be keeping an eye out for your next stuff.


  8. Travis the man..who else gives up free songs? Not too many. thanks man and keep up the strong work. I am looking around for more info on you but you are kinda mysterious or something so I hope things are working out.

  9. Everyone loves it when folks make something good. I hope you get noticed man cuz this album is easy to listen to over and over. My daughter Myly is also liking what you are doing and she hates almost everything! Give yourself a hand for that. We’ll be looking out for what you do next.
    LackJack from Minnesota

  10. I saw your interview and had to find out if you were going to actually be as interesting, as you sounded. Travis the fabulous! haha..Catchy stuff.

  11. Hello, I listen to you often after finding out about your album from some friends. Good to see someone doing well on their own. I hope you make it Sir.

    Ruby Falls, TN

  12. What’s up, I read your song writing skills on Nashville up and coming. Your writing style is catchy, keep up the good work! And Thank you very very much for the cool music. I will add you on my Pandora app.

  13. Hi, my name is Samantha and I love you and your music! When are you going to be on tour? Here’s to your success! Find me on FB, Samantha Harris in Savannah. 🙂 ^:^ ??

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