Here’s another free track from A Street Rod Named Desire, compliments of Travis…

Never Be – Travis Herlocker

Travis Herlocker™…..A self-made businessman, free-thinker and self-directed artist. One listen to the masterful debut album, A Street Rod Named Desire makes you understand that this is a guy who was born to be on the radio.


With an amazing debut effort fueled by a methodical vision of his craft, Travis is already infiltrating radio… and ‘while other’s sleep’, he’s quietly taking steps to take the music world by storm.

He’s got ‘country-soul’ and cross-over appeal, a vintage sound with a fresh vibe.. and he’s making real noise in the music world while coming, literally, out of nowhere.

All of a sudden, Pandora Radio is playing Travis across it’s spectrum, having already released all 8 singles from A Street Rod Named Desire.

iHeartRadio is next on the list.

What’s better?…he’s spinning on Hot A/C, Country, Rock and Top 40 stations, so it’s no surprise that he was nominated for the prestigious ‘Best New Cross-Over Artist’ award by the New Music Network in 2012.

But, make no mistake,TH doesn’t adhere to the current music trends and has yet to follow the advice of any so-called ‘music organizations’. He never was a corporate guy… so, why start now?

Besides, Travis Herlocker™ already created his OWN musical organization. With the support of the promotional machine at TimeLapseEntertainment, a savvy entertainment lawyer, one excellent producer, the best studio musicians in Nashville.. and a heavy dose of business-sense & musical chops, Travis is already off to the races.

Each of these songs were written & crafted by Travis, his Les Paul Standard, his Mesa Boogie amp, and lots of time spent ‘gettin’ it right’. And, quite possibly, a little ‘Wild Turkey & water’ thrown in for good measure…

Singer, Songwriter, Arranger and Composer. He’s made a lot of songs that you shoulda’ already heard. Finally, he’s in the limelight and ready to shine.

Travis Herlocker created A Street Rod Named Desire with a vision of making each track a #1 Radio Hit. Don’t be surprised when it happens.

In a world all too full of ‘the same’, Travis Herlocker™ is all about just being himself.

Ready to catch the buzz??

Pandora is now featuring Travis Herlocker Radio Listen HERE

Listen to Sample Tracks direct from the Publisher!

8 thoughts on “MP3

  1. Travis..I finally found your website. I bought your album when I first heard your song My Shame. It’s still my favorite but this whole album is really good !! I am definitely enjoying every bit of it and I want more. LOL Sheri H. / Indianapolis

  2. Jus wanted to say thanks for the free Mp3..I will check out your album now and I like that you don’t charge for everything. Really it has been months for me personally since I found any new music I like til today. Cool sounds and Great webpage brother.. I will tell my friends about you on fb too.

  3. Pingback: Stephen

  4. Super quick download and can’t believe you just gave away these cool songs. Thats the best thing that happened today! Telling my friends because it’s new and I think it sounds cool to. thanks

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